Genere: Thriller, Dramma

Regia: Stefano Mordini

Con: Stefano Accorsi, Valeria Golino, Serena Rossi, Maya Sansa, Lino Musella, Elio De Capitani, Antonia Truppo

Durata: 94

Lingua: Italiano

Trama: Marco and Anita discover they are expecting a child. Finally a ray of light in Marco’s life after his heartbreak following the loss of Leo, his first born with his former wife Clara. Suddenly, however Perla, the new owner where the couple lived until the tragic accident, bursts into Marco’s and his ex-wife’s lives. The mysterious woman claims she keeps feeling a strange presence and hearing the voice of a child that is tormenting her and her son. Marco therefore finds himself torn between the ties of the past and an unwritten future.

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